We support by creating marketing material where your audience is found, example, Facebook/instagram/social media/Whatsapp/email. We will also have you listed on our website as a partner that can gain additional traction. We do not grow your audience base.

Partners FAQ

They will automatically get a email notification as soon as a donor makes the car donation request

Cars4Jannah assigns a Partner Success Coach to each partner. This person advises the partner throughout the year on the best ways to let their donors and community know about their cars for cash program. Also, the Cars4Jannah marketing team provides sample emails, customized web and social media graphics, and other marketing tools to each partner.

Cars4Jannah takes cars regardless of their mechanical defects. Yes, the value of the car donation will be lower for cars that don't run or cars that have many mechanical and body defects. But your intention is what matters, so even a car missing major parts has some value 🙂

We accept regular motor vehicles like cars, trucks and vans. If you are unsure, give us a call at 240-484-4300 or send us an email at info@cars4jannah.org .

Cars4Jannah sends every donor a receipt for their taxes. The receipt will show a car donation made to the partner, not to Cars4Jannah.

No, Cars4Jannah handles all communication with the car donor. The partner organization will get the donor's name and contact information, and we recommend that the partner call and thank the donor as a best practice.

No, all cars are donated online, and the physical car is picked up from the donor's home and sold right away. Organizations which want to accept physical cars, fix them and give them to needy people are free to do that as well, but that won't be a part of the Cars4Jannah program.

That is amazing! Many cars you receive might be beyond repair and unusable. In that case, you can convert them to cash by donating those cars to Cars4Jannah.

Absolutely, Cars4Jannah is 100% transparent with its partners. You will know the sale price of the car as well as the breakdown of your portion of the proceeds and Cars4Jannah's portion. You will also get copies of the IRS form 1098-C which has details about the car, the donor, and the selling price.