Frequently Asked Questions

Sure! We’ll accept all car donations, regardless of condition. It’s easy to donate online or by calling us at 240-484-4300.

We are only accepting cars for now. In shaa Allaah maybe later we will start Boats4Jannah and Motorcycles4Jannah! ?

We will assess your car to decide how to sell it to make the most we can from it. All of the proceeds from the sale of your donated car will benefit Al-Rahmah Islamic Center / Masjid Jafar and you will receive a tax-deductible receipt.

We can accept car donations from all 50 states, alhumdulillah!

First of all, your will be pleasing Allaah and investing in your Hereafter! By donating your car, your car will be serving you long after you leave this world. Also, your car will help educate the future Muslim leaders. Investing in education is investing in the future.

Partners FAQ

They will automatically get a email notification as soon as a donor makes the car donation request

The goal is being a partner success coach. You are providing tailored support to help them in the way needed.

Example: they are a low capacity non profit, we can go to the extent and provide them Social Media posting if they provide logins.

There is a 30/60/90 day touchpoint to ensure we are supporting them in any way we can.

Any used or junk cars. There will be a set of questions that we ask to the donor about the vehicle. Based on that information, Peddle will provide an offer.

Absolutely! However, with C4J Partnership, we have a dedicated team that supports our partners. From creating marketing materials, custom website, to processing car donations – we make the process easy, simple, and seamless for them.

We accept regular motor vehicles like cars trucks and vans, trucks no bigger than regular size pickup trucks

No, this is all handled by C4J

That is amazing! Then the option for you would be to donate the non functional cars

Yes, we provide a monthly statement with the total donation and the 80% amount that goes to your organization. Additionally, a partner portal isin the works for you to have instant access to this information in real time.

We support by creating marketing material where your audience is found, example, Facebook/instagram/social media/Whatsapp/email. We will also have you listed on our website as a partner that can gain additional traction. We do not grow your audience base.