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Donate your car using the online form or call our donation specialists at 240-484-4300.

We’ll call you within 24-hours to arrange a convenient pickup time for your car donation.

You receive a tax receipt.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sure! We’ll accept all car donations, regardless of condition. It’s easy to donate online or by calling us at 240-484-4300 or emailing at info@cars4jannah.org

We are only accepting cars for now. In shaa Allaah maybe later we will start Boats4Jannah and Motorcycles4Jannah! ?

We will assess your car to decide how to sell it to make the most we can from it. All of the proceeds from the sale of your donated car will benefit Al-Huda School or another Islamic organization and you will receive a tax-deductible receipt.

We can accept car donations from all 50 states, alhumdulillah!

First of all, your will be pleasing Allaah and investing in your Hereafter! By donating your car, your car will be serving you long after you leave this world. Also, your car donation will support Islamic organizations across the nation doing amazing work.